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When have other companies decided is the right time to involve us?

  1. A new product, or division, or business is about to launch. 

  2. As part of a business transformation process

  3. New leadership aligning the business to one strategy


In these phases leadership teams are looking at their business targets, and realising they need to create clarity and focus across the organisation, starting with their own team. They're asking themselves some fundamental questions, such as 'what do our customers really value?', and 'what makes us different?'.


Your team has the answers. 

Our role is to help capture and articulate your unique capability and value as a business. We ask the essential questions, and help you define and articulate your vision in compelling language... engaging your entire organisation, your customers, and strategic partners.

"We’re a challenger in a very traditional market.

We want to disrupt."

How do we run two brands

without cannibalising our flagship?


When does our work fail to make a difference?

You know the reality. How many reports from consultants are in your archive? Here are three observations about getting the most from our work together.

1 Own it

Some leadership teams articulate the urgency to change, but struggle to implement the tough choices. Think about who you involve in the process, they need to have the authority and conviction to make it happen.

2 Diversity

Bring multiple opinions, perspectives, and experiences together. Diversity and honesty lead to more powerful options. One dimensional teams lead to predictable results.  


3 Action

It’s one thing to agree at the boardroom table. It’s something else to rethink old habits to make it happen. Agree how you will measure progress.


For internally and external stakeholders, what you DO is ultimately the most important influence on building a sustainable positioning and reputation. 

"We were so focused after our last session... 

a year later we're lost again.

We need to get back to that idea."

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